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What's New and news

What's New and news

About the enforcement of national trip support "trip campaign of the heart breathing in Nagasaki" after the new year
1.Implementation period after the new year
  Until from Tuesday, January 10, 2023 to Thursday, March 30, 2023 (for March 31 check-out)
  ※ But I stop reservation acceptance when it reaches the upper limit of the budget.
2.The reservation start date (the sale start date)
  From Monday, December 26, 2022 10:00
  ※ But as sell it sequentially from the regular company of preparations, in each accommodation, travel agency
    The beginning to sell time varies more.
  ※ About staying, the trip product that a reservation was accomplished before the reservation start date (December 26, 2022),
    It is not intended based on the notice of the country.
3. The use eligible people
  The person who lives in Japan
4.Discount technique
  ・I give you a discount at the accommodations directly
  ・Discount trip product sale (I include OTA) by travel agencies of the whole country
5. System summary R5.1.10 - 3.30
    ・Discount        20%
  ・A discount upper limit traffic trip product with: 5,000 yen
          Other than above  : 3,000 yen
  ・Coupon     Weekdays, 2,000 yen
             Holiday :1,000 yen
           Electronic coupon (in principle)
<the handling of weekdays and the holiday>
・The staying trip accommodation date and the next day together in the case of a holiday (Saturday, Sundays and holidays)
 I handle the staying any place other than handling, that as "weekdays" as "a holiday".
※ As there is not a holiday becoming the consecutive holidays on a calendar until March 30, the staying trip "only Saturday"
 Holiday handling

・I handle the day trip any place other than handling, that as "weekdays" as "a holiday" on Saturday, Sundays and holidays.

<about the amount of lower limit and the consecutive stay of the hotel charges>
・I set the lower limit of the trip product price, the hotel charges per one overnight Sunday becoming the discount application
※ The thing which the trip product price, the hotel charges before the discount correspond to as follows is not targeted for discount
   <weekdays>It becomes less than 3,000 yen <holiday> and becomes less than 2,000 yen
・7 nights apply about one reservation

6. The use condition
・A new coronavirus vaccination certificate (more than three times) or negative test result notification (PCR
 The presentation of) such as inspection is necessary
 ※ In addition, vaccination proof or the negative proof. I confirm it in the accommodations or a travel agency.
   (when I cannot confirm it, I cannot receive discount)
・The original of the documents which the places of residence such as a driver's license or my number card can confirm is necessary.


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