It is one accommodation of the relaxation at the time when the blue sea, a white cloud, the fragrant wind flow calmly
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I perform coronavirus measures such as ventilation, sterilization, the thermometry
The hot spring which yearns in ancient times, and is famed
I go north on a national highway from Sasebo-shi, Nagasaki to Hirado-shi. I cross Hirado-ohashi Bridge painted vivid cinnabar red measuring 665 meters in total length to link the mainland to Hirado-shima Island with and leave for the north with the fifth signal more in right turn, Hirado-shima Island (prefectural road Route 153). From the Saihi bus "ura of the field" stop, 200 meters in length, a small inlet of approximately 70 meters in width open a thin mountain path in front when it goes down the slope while enjoying the call of green and bird of the mountain slowly. One accommodation "inn Tanoura Onsen" of Hirato is by the side.
Dishes, accommodation plan
Supreme dishes & Blissful moment,
Recommended plan of the Hirato one accommodation
Dishes, accommodation plan
Big catch satisfaction! "The sea cover charge law of nature plan"
Adult one (tax-included) 14,300 yen ...
Dishes, accommodation plan
Is produced in the morning; of the ground fish stab; with the height
Hirato Japanese beef shabu-shabu
Adult one (tax-included) 13,200 yen ...
Hot spring
The hot spring where is related to
the sky Sea.The iron spring which warmed the
source of 20 degrees carbonate.
At first please relax slowly in a room if you get to this museum. I do the preparation for hot spring of this museum pride immediately. Please enjoy a sound and the murmuring of the wind, the slow time when only birdsong is quiet for wave in hot water noyuramekino.
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Inn Tanoura Onsen
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