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"Natural ARA of the Sea of Genkai is full" of this museum flagship plans (*' ▽') (with a Japanese-style room, two meals of nights)

Blood makes hole through the ARA which it gave life to with seawater sherbet, and there is no smell by a recipe of the nerve orthodox school which closes it, and handles it, and lay him in an overnight partial refrigerator (splashes moisture), and draws taste of the ARA to the maximum at all.
You cook the sashimi of the light pull, shabu-shabu with skin, an ARA pan, vinegared food (delicacy), hand-rolled sushi, the ARA of the tool, and please have it with bowl steaming, zosui, fins liquor.
Ask: As it depends on the arrival situation, I would like a reservation for one week. The cancellation fee has 50%, 100% on that day the day before. As it is expensive ingredients, it, please be understood.
The enforcement period from November 1, 2019 until January 31, 2020.
In addition, the rate (tax/service charge included) from year-end 31st to January 31 with half board takes 21,600 yen the same as in the past. It is the thing by the shortage of goods state caused by the stormy weather.

Rate (adult one person) 19,440 yen (it includes tax, a service charge) in two meals of morning and evening

The Hirato inn Tanoura Onsen accommodation plan details

Hirato inn Tanoura Onsen basics information

Hirato inn Tanoura Onsen appearance photograph
Address 〒859-5102
201-125, Okubocho, Hirado-shi, Nagasaki
Telephone 0950-22-2241
Fax 0950-22-2241
Check-in 15:00 (last 20:00)
Check-out 10:00
Traffic access It is 90 minutes via Imari, Matsuura from Nagasaki Expressway Takeo north IC.
Parking lot 20 (first-come-first-served basis)

About a meal

A condition of the meal setting may vary according to days. Please confirm it with "a room reservation application screen" again.


Bath tax 150 yen is needed separately. Cancellation costs a cancellation rate.

Cancellation policy

The cancellation of the day will have 100% of hotel charges. I charge the cancellation fee as follows.
Communication Non-night On the day The day before Two days ago Three days ago Five days ago Six days ago Seven days ago Eight days ago 14 days ago
Cancelation cost rate 100% 100% 30% 20%  
Room facilities, equipment
TV, dryer, tea set, body soap, conditioner in shampoo, toothbrushing set, razor, soap, towel, yukata, slippers, iron (rental), room bath, restroom (wash let)
Facilities in the hall
Room service, a wake-up call, home delivery, fax transmission are possible, free Wi-Fi
Guest room
*5 10-tatami Japanese-style room
Green tea gives a service in a room
Meal place
Room, hall
Room, hall
Natural hot spring
Spring quality
Simple spring
Atopy, rash, muscular pain, neuralgia
Neighboring leisure
Sea bathing, fishing, fishing at sea, tennis, gate ball, golf, soccer, museum
Matsuura railroad Tahira, Hirado Exit Station, pickup and drop-off to the Hirato bus terminal. As you may not do it, please confirm only one way beforehand.
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