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Hot spring

The hot spring which yearns in ancient times, and is famed

The hot spring where is related to the sky Sea (propagating Buddhism Daishi). The iron spring which warmed the source of 20 degrees carbonate. It can soak slowly.
Stayed in the ground of Hirato before young man priest "sky Sea" (nochino propagating Buddhism Daishi) crossed the hot spring of this museum to the continent; because break it, and there is a legend, "hit the ground in a pilgrim's staff, and gushed out", and is recorded with "the sailing from Taura in July in 804" (Christian era 804 years) by Japan postscript, it seems that there is approximately it from the time. Hirado before the national seclusion prospered abroad as open trade port. It will be that the Netherlands and the Portuguese captain came for a hot spring cure to heal fatigue of the Great Navigation. In the Edo era, it has been used as the spa which worked for a burn and illness of the skin. A land tax officer inspection certificate by a professor, Mr. Shizuo Kato specialized in Nagasaki medical college, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences is issued as a hot spring accepted the effect in 1924 and founds start, "urasen of the inn field" for first generation Yamaguchi enthusiast assistant ga full-scale mineral spring development. I continue up to the present day. It was not in a record, but soaked in hot water of this museum because Santoka Taneda was said to have liked a hot spring by any chance.
At first please relax slowly in a room if you get to this museum. I do the preparation for hot spring of this museum pride immediately. Please enjoy a sound and the murmuring of the wind, the slow time when only birdsong is quiet for wave in hot water noyuramekino.
Most in Hirado-shi use the hot water which sprang out by digging construction of 1999 jointly, but, in the hot spring of our inn, there are hot spring itself, very long history like above explanation. I know the place that this is tradition, and is correct if there is not it in the very sky Sea (propagating Buddhism Daishi), quitting it will be the place that there is not in fact. There is much tradition in the sky Sea, and it becomes the unbearable charm toward the history enthusiast. I would appreciate your thinking about ancient mystery while soaking in the hot spring of our inn toward the history enthusiast by all means.
The left photograph is a report of the hot spring ingredient when I founded first Yamaguchi enthusiast assistant ga Tanoura Onsen in 1924. It is a family treasure of this family.
"The Japanese hot spring encyclopedia" that the lower photograph was published in 1933. It is a terrible state, but can read the data of the domestic hot spring in the days of the early days of the Showa era in long time. The data of our hot spring are performed a publication (a photograph: Sekigan) of, too.
The temperature of the source warms it at 20 degrees. Warm up, and some hot water is similar to be tired slowly and carefully. It is a simple cold mineral spring containing radium and is without taste or odor basically.
This turns into an iron spring carbonate, and it is a characteristic of one of the hot springs of this museum that it is said that I change again in the simple cold mineral spring. It is influence of the iron content from the hot spring that a floor, the wall of the large communal bath turn red.
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