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Dishes, accommodation plan

Dishes and accommodation plan of one accommodation pride of Hirato

You match a horse mackerel and a flatfish and Parapristipoma trilineatum, round fan prawns, an abalone, a turban shell, the fishery products such as calamaries, Hirato beef shabu-shabu shabu-shabu with a budget and have a choice. "The hotel charges are rates of adult 1 at the time of the adult two people use". In addition, you cannot use the Internet plan except "New Year holidays plan and flagship plan" between December 31 and January 2.

After a hot spring, I prepare for the dishes using choho reno horse mackerel and Parapristipoma trilineatum, turban shell, the fresh fishery products such as abalones, the ground vegetables of Hirato, the Hirato cow. Please fully enjoy the evening of the Hirato one accommodation.
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