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I see the inlet from the guest room

I can look around the inlet from all rooms. You sit on a window slowly, and please enjoy rich nature.
 I hear the sound of the wave of the inlet to return when it approaches from the room and the song of wild birds. I see the light of the squid-fishing fishing boat in the distance at night depending on a season and am very beautiful. In addition, the inlet of the rainy day is tasteful and thinks whether it would feel particular taste to spend the times when the sky Sea (propagating Buddhism Daishi) did casual income in far-off ancient times while feeling. A family bath is established in three rooms separately from a large communal bath. It is a simple room, but would appreciate your healing everyday fatigue of while fun has scenery not to be provided in the others of one accommodation pride of Hirato. The meal prepares in a room.

Inn details information

Room facilities, equipment
TV, dryer, tea set, body soap, conditioner in shampoo, toothbrushing set, razor, soap, towel, yukata, slippers, iron (rental), room bath, restroom (wash let)
Facilities in the hall
Room service, a wake-up call, home delivery, fax transmission are possible, free Wi-Fi
Guest room
*5 10-tatami Japanese-style room
Green tea gives a service in a room
Meal place
Room, hall
Room, hall
Natural hot spring
Spring quality
Simple spring
Atopy, rash, muscular pain, neuralgia
Neighboring leisure
Sea bathing, fishing, fishing at sea, tennis, golf, soccer, Netherlands firm, Matsuura document natural history
Tanada of Kasuga, fixed shore net experience
Matsuura railroad Tahira, Hirado Exit Station, pickup and drop-off to the Hirato bus terminal. As you may not do it, please confirm only one way beforehand.
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