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Event guidance of Hirato

It is the guide of the event through the year of Hirato.

There is an event in Hirato variously through the year so that the surprised at so a lot in this small town is. When Santoka Taneda came to Hirado, I left "the rain which dances, and getting drunk is tired, and is warm" and poetry, but will be that the mountaintop fire enjoyed a festival of such Hirato.
It is a famous event nationwide. When it is every year, there is coverage such as TV, and there is the participation applicant from the outside, too. The which cried facing each other a baby until 1 year old for the cause with an origin, "the crying child is brought up" earlier is a victory and the lovely sumo that it is. It is held every year on Setsubun.
Including a venerable hina doll of the Matsuuras, a valuable hina doll handed down to each family of Hirato is displayed Matsuura historical materials Museum, Hirato inside of a castle, each place of the Hirato mall, everywhere in the city. There is the texture which is not really seen to other hina doll, and the cloth for clothes that a hina doll comes can feel prosperity of Hirato in former times.
In Tateura of the straight moon, it is the boat race with the held hand kogino ship every year. A little less than 30 teams compete for round-trip time of 100m with a heroic shout. The daring scenery is a sight.
It is a representative pro-prayer to Buddha dance to cover the face, and to dance. I put the sounds of "the Gullah" when I clap sound and small hand drum called "Jean" of the sound of the gong by the banner year dance that adopted dengaku and performing the prayer's dance together and am named Jean Gullah. It is appointed by a country-designated important intangible cultural asset.
It is a summer festival held in Oshima village. As for the fireworks display held during a festival period, many people come for sightseeing from the suburbs.
The major poet garden lantern Festival of Hirato is held by a special event to enjoy a traditional event, a folk art of Hirato every year in October. During a festival period, there is an event at each site in city. Garden lanterns are displayed in each place, and beautiful light gives glory to the city at night.
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