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Historic spot, guide to the famous places of Hirato

It is the guide of the tourist facility around Hirato inn Tanoura Onsen.

Many traders come from Spain, the Netherlands, the U.K. since a Portuguese trader entered port to Hirato for the first time in 1550, and I build the stone firm, and Hirato has gorgeous history. The whole town becomes the reduced drawing of the history leaving the footprint which is memorial on the Japanese history including an envoy to the Tang Dynasty having gone over to the continent through Hirato retroactively to watches of the night. I may say to a history enthusiast that it is a town having unbearable charm. It is a thing only by Hirato including the scenery of a temple and the church.
Scenery only by Hirato. I come across the scenery that there is exoticism when I go up a slope and the stairs of the quiet stone pavement. I see it from the port, and gerukotomo is made.
An opening time: Entering a building charges always 8:30-17:00 without holiday: 400 yen for adults, high school student 300 yen, small, junior high student 200 yen
Lights were always turned on distantly by foreign country so that the early European ship which came might enter port whenever.
It is said to a Japanese postscript, "it leaves Namba Tsu and started on nyuto from Hizen country Matsuura county Taura via Hakata on July 6.", and many tradition when I leave Japanese soil remains in ura of the field.
A Jacatara potato daughter image, a bell of Karo Yong are installed, and open cafe and souvenir shops form a line in the outskirts. I am lighted up at night.
An opening time: There is a lunch break, and 8:30-17:30 12:30-13:00 is the closure. Entering a building charges: 500 yen for adults junior and senior high school students 200 yen, 200 yen for children
The statue which is installed in the Hirato Port interchange open space. I was constructed in remembrance of what the Japanese mother and the child who married the foreigner of the foreign firm were ousted from in Djakarta (present Indonesia).
The Lord of Heaven temple which nestles as if the outskirts having been surrounded by the temple is a building of the Catholic Church built in 1931 (Showa 6). The name of the church was changed to "Saint Francisco XavierSaint memory church" in commemoration of Xavier image having been erected in commemoration of Saint Francisco XavierSaint who Kurushima worked as Hirato later, and worked on propagation
The stone single arched bridge which was constructed for a life of Prince feudal lord male incense in 30s in 1702 (Genroku 15). It is informed that a mason engaged in firm building in Netherlands initiated you into the technique of the bridging.
An opening time: From January to November 8:00-17:30
It is 8:00-16:30 only in December
Entering a building charges: I display the valuable history document of the 600 yen for adults 350 yen for children Hirato Matsuura feudal clan.
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