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Privacy policy

Explanation of the privacy policy of Hirato inn Tanoura Onsen

I promise to manage the personal information of the customer according to the following policies safely in one accommodation inn Tanoura Onsen of Hirato, and to use it. In addition, this policy works on a review, improvement continuously and acts for improvement of the personal information protection of the customer.

The use purpose

  1. Our inn uses the personal information that I collected from a customer for the purpose of next.
  2. To offer service (a meal or staying) that our inn provides
  3. To send the document of the service guide whom our inn provides
  4. For the sending of the documents which are necessary for the service that our inn provides
  5. To answer the reservation for the service of our inn and an inquiry, consultation
  6. For improvement and the improvement of the service that our inn provides

Method of the collection

  1. Our inn collects the personal information of the customer as far as it is necessary for achievement of use purpose mentioned above.

About a third party offer and the joint use

  1. There is our inn to achieve the use purpose mentioned above about the personal information of the customer when I deposit it in duties trust point or the business partner. When I deposit it, protection of the personal information chooses a company planned enough and I make a contract of the personal information protection and carry out necessary and appropriate measures. In addition, I may provide it in the public institution concerned when there is a request of the disclosure based on laws and ordinances from the public institutions such as court, the police engine.

About the system, safety management measures of the personal information management in the company

  1. Our inn educates maintenance, the employee of official regulations in the company and the regime in the company to deal with the personal information of the customer appropriately.
  2. I perform the appropriate measures about the prevention such as unauthorized access to personal information and loss, destruction, manipulation of the personal information and a leak.
  3. The administrator of the personal information of our inn becomes a representative from our inn and uses it for duties with the approval of the administrator.

Point out disclosure

  1. When there are disclosure, a correction, a request of the suspension about the personal information of the customer, our inn copes faithfully in the range that does not affect business.

About the revision of the privacy policy

  1. I may revise a privacy policy to cope with the change of laws and ordinances or other models again to plan protection of the personal information of the customer in our inn. When there is a revision, I will tell you on our inn homepage.

Inquiry window

  1. If there are an unidentified point and a request about a privacy policy, please report to the following window.
  2. Please inform me of the procedures such as the personal information disclosure of the customer from the following window.

Customer consultation desk

  • Contact information: One accommodation inn Tanoura Onsen of Hirato
  • An address: 〒 859-5102 201-125, Okubocho, Hirado-shi, Nagasaki
  • A telephone: 0950-22-2241
  • Mail: info @

The use of Cookie and the Web beacon

I use a technique such as "Cookie" and "Web beacon" to acquire access information of user in our site. Each information that I acquired by these cannot identify an individual.
In addition, a part of the function providing in a Web site may not be available when you use our site by setting not to display setting and the image which do not accept Cookie in the browser of the errand.

About the use of Google hole reThich

In our site, I may use Google hole reThich. Google hole reThich collects the access information to our site using Cookie. About collection and the usage of the access information, it is determined by Google hole reThich service Terms of Use and Google privacy policy.
Please refer to the following pages for the details.
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