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What's New and news

What's New and news

Hirato Tourism Association third "Hirato enjoyment drive campaign"
[campaign period]
For Tuesday, January 10, 2023 staying to ... Tuesday, February 28 staying (to March 1 check-out)
Privilege ① tourist facility complimentary ticket
10 L of privilege ② gasoline considerable refueling ticket

[application method]
○After Hirato Tourism Association LINE account friend registration, come to the Hirato tourist information center.
○I issue a stamp card when I have you fill in the requirements.

[application condition]
・That is visited for sightseeing in Hirado in people living in the Hirato suburbs
・Hirato Tourism Association formula line friend addition
・This campaign (the details look at a campaign special site) who was agreed with in contents and instructions

※It becomes the application of the sky for staying on Tuesday, January 10.
※It is available by 1 group, 1 application because of one car about the application
※It becomes 2,000 sets of first arrival

[Hirato enjoyment campaign special site]
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